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The Ultimate Guide: Fun DIY & Household Hacks

The Troll Brain is a real pro at coming up with and finishing fun and challenging DIY-projects. As we do not want you to get bored, we were thinking “why not take easy DIY projects and turn them into rocketscience?”. I mean, rocketscience is fun and exciting. If you want to keep developing your DIY and household skills and move up the ladder of success quickly by turning yourself into a true DIY and household hero, these guides will be the right choice for you. Our motto is “why make it easy and boring if it can be complex and frustrating?”. This collection of hand-selected DIY & household projects will put your frustration tolerance to the test and take your practical skills to the next level (that is, the next lower level). We have picked the most frustrating projects for you, because we know you can do it! You have what it takes to take to master these projects and put those truely inspiring every-day-life hacks into practise! Stay tuned, because this list will be updated continously. 

PS: our special household hacks are granny-approved. If you can master these, your granny will be proud of you.

*) trigger warning: this is sarcasm, do not try this at home