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Blockbusters Starring The Troll Brain

The Troll Brain is not only a fantastic author. It is also a talented actor and has already starred well-known Blockbusters such as “The Return of the Procrastinator”“005- The License to Chill”, “Where Is The Second Sock?”, “Lost in Procrastination”, “Five Minutes is not enough”, “Blah-Blah Land” or “Sleepless in Absurdistan”. Of course, this is only a very short collection of his top-notch performances- movies you must definitely know. If you have not already watched them, watch them now! The Troll Brain is well-known for its drama, but also its world-class spontaneous comedy performances. Further areas of specialisation include science-fiction, action and, not to forget, romantic comedy. The Troll Brain, who is also referred to as “the swiss army kniffe” among actors, can look back on decades of experience in the film industry. Stay tuned for some exciting film titles!

*) trigger warning: this is sarcasm