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Self-Optimisation & Coaching

Have you ever asked yourself what The Troll Brain would write if it was a self-help author? This section is all about highly effective* techniques on how to optimise yourself to absurdity. Today’s life is  all about striving to be perfect and showing off to the world how happy, rich and good-looking you are. We are all constantly being motivated to strive towards a perfection that does not exist. There is a constant pressure to always be “the best version” of yourself- whatever that means, apparently you are not allowed to feel emotions other than happiness. When I hear or read about this, I can’t help but thinking that, according to these people, we are robots which always have to keep their operating system up-to-date, as if there was a button to download “the best version of yourself”. They also want you to always be as good-looking as possible, always in a good mood, highly productive and successful. Self-proclaimed self-help gurus, who seem to know it all, promise to guide you to a prosperous, fulfilled life- but only if you buy their books, master classes and follow their advice. Come on, you just have to pull yourself together and be disciplined! You just have to get up at 5 am every day, then do at least 30 minutes of exercise to wake up, start to work at 7 am, do a powernap at 12, work again until 3 pm, then do yoga, meditate, learn a new skill, read at least 10 books a week (because that’s what all successful people do) and go to bed early. Obviously you’re only allowed to eat healthy, except on “cheat days”The list goes on. Sounds very refreshing and stress-free, doesn’t it? 

In order to counterbalance this self-optimisation madness, The Troll Brain has come up with a collection of useful advice for all situations in life, in order to make the most of all possible scenarios. Stay tuned, we will be adding new content on a regular basis! Click on the images below to see the full content.

*) trigger warning: this is sarcasm