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Troll Brain X-Mas Shopping

Same old, same old. Every year, I think to myself: “This year, everything will be different! I will start to buy Christmas presents early, so I don’t have to do it the las minute in December.”, but my Troll Brain always tells me: “Well, relax, you still have a lot of time”…Then, time literally flies and as a result, almost magically, there is only one week left until Christmas. Consequently, I always end up rushing through the stores trying to find an adequate present for everyone. Also, I’m completely useless at wrapping presents. I don’t understand how people manage to nicely wrap their presents and make them look absolutely beautiful.As you can see in the comic, the Troll Brain isn’t really good at wrapping presents either, but he did his best, he did it with love and that’s what really that counts, isn’t it?